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Trends of the Entreprise Mobility

Studies of Gartner and Forrester 2013-2014
82 %

companies around the world believe that BYOD is the appropriate strategy for their business

70 %

CIOs consider mobility as an inevitable development

72 Milliards $

World Market for Enterprise Mobility in 2015 (+ 171% estimated growth over the next 3 years)

70 %

professional purposes shall be made on personal devices by 2018

75 %

the data used in mobility will be at risk in 2020


Annual expense per employee for the mobility management by 2016

But security remains the primary concern of CIOs

Our mission

  • To help Enterprises around Mobility Management.
  • The transformation of the computer via the development of mobility, consumerization, BYOD and flexible work now offers many essential benefits companies, but also involves significant challenges for the IT departments:
  • Which MDM plateform?
  • To a homogeneous or heterogeneous environment?
  • What strategy to manage and secure mobile devices, communications and sensitive data?
  • How to mobilize business processes?

  • To help Enterprises in the integration and management of connected objects.
  • To allow them to obtain maximum benefits and to build an innovative image.
  • These new usages will revolutionise the Enterprise world in domains as diverse as Industry (construction, oil, chemical activities), Health (doctors, surgeons…), Security (Police, Army, Buildings…), Housing (Energy, Multimedia…).
  • Which solution to implement? Sensors, Beacons, Smart-Glasses, augmented reality…
  • How to manage and to secure theses new objects and all the data collected?



Auditing and Consulting

An exhaustive analysis, impartial, external of the existing and needs (audit …)
Realization of solutions that are sized and adapted to the real need
Effective and independent consulting (management of tenders)
Faster and structured integration (recommendations, prerequisites, constraints, advice …)
The ability to perform or control the integration



Installation and Implementation of the solution in the customer information system.
Inovaam master the core technologies of IT infrastructure
This integration can be performed either remotely or on site.


Supervision and Technical Support

Establish a supervision (Reactive or Proactive) of the mobile platform.
Take charge of the management, support and daily maintenance of the implemented solution to discharge the customer of these issues.
The scope of the support is the central platform (infrastructure servers) to mobile objects connected with an accompaniment of the remote user.


Mobilization of the Business Process

Developing Applications allowing access from any mobile object connected to the customer’s business applications (CRM, ERP, …).

Business Model

A business model for billing that adapts to customer needs

Auditing and Consulting

Analyze, design and support customers by day


Remote or on-site implementation

Supervision and Technical Support

Supervision, Infrastructure Support & user per month

Business Processes

Depending on the specifications



Air Patrol
RZ Consulting
ASSA Associates

Qui sommes nous?

Inovaam est une société de conseil spécialisée dans la gestion et le support de la mobilité en entreprise.

Nous assistons nos clients dans la mise en place de choix stratégiques, opérationnels et technologiques.

Nous proposons à nos clients, l’expertise de nos consultants à travers nos entités de Paris, Alger, Casa et Tunis

Les consultants Inovaam à travers le monde partagent tous les mêmes valeurs:

  • L’engagement auprès de nos clients.
  • L’esprit d’équipe.
  • L’excellence.
  • La proximité et l’écoute.

Nos différents partenariats à travers le monde avec les éditeurs en mobilité constituent le gage d’une solution spécifique pour chacun de nos clients, développée, implémentée et livrée dans les standards préconisés par l’éditeur.


55, Avenue Marceau
75116 Paris

+33 782 374 376

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